OKBet: A Licensed Gambling Platform in the Philippines

A leading online betting platform in the Philippines, OKBet is authorized by the regulatory agency Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), offering high-quality betting services that conform with the country’s gambling laws.

Owner of OKBet Philippines: Kingwin Ventures Inc.

OKBet is owned and operated by Kingwin Venturs Inc., and has been in the Philippine gambling industry since 2021. From then on, our platform continues to expand to cater to Filipino players, finding ways to improve our list of services for the best local betting experience.

Kingwin Ventures strategized its goal of making OKBet the best betting platform, and thus has received excellent reviews from clients and critics. Our dedication and passion were recognized, being nominated for the Best Online Sports Betting Solutions Category during the 2023 ASEAN Gaming Summit.

OkBet, an Advocate of Responsible Gambling

Gambling, if not moderated, has negative implications for players. Thus, we at OKBet are one with PAGCOR in promoting responsible gambling in the country.

PAGCOR guidelines have been strictly followed by us, and adding our company as part of the solution is why in the Philippines, a Filipino needs to take several processes to start legally placing their bet.

Thus, we ensure that all players undergo a strict registration and verification process, preventing unqualified players from playing.

Furthermore, we support the Philippine economy, especially during these hard times, by contributing extra revenues via tax returns and additional employment opportunities.

Not Just a Gambling Platform, But More

While we aim to be the number one gaming platform in the Philippines, we also want to set an example that we are more than just a gambling company.

Thanks to our players’ support, we have launched several initiatives since 2022. Among these campaigns are the “Play it Forward” that trains aspiring athletes, and a local donation drive for the residents of Muntinlupa City.

More projects will be done in the future to further contribute to society and embody OKBet’s motto, “Together We Own the Win.”

Solaire versus OKBet: Which is the Better Online Casino?

While Solaire Casino is undoubtedly a world-class destination for land-based casino gaming, OKBet has several advantages regarding online casino gaming. 

First and foremost, we offer a wider variety of games, including sports betting, casino games, and lottery. In contrast, Solaire online casino primarily serves as the virtual counterpart of its physical casino.

OKBet’s user-friendly interface and payment options make it more convenient for players to deposit and withdraw funds. OKBet also offers a range of bonuses and promotions that provide extra value for players’ money. 

Finally, our security measures ensure that all transactions and personal information are protected, providing peace of mind for players. 

In conclusion, while Solaire may excel in land-based gaming, OKBet has several advantages that make it the better choice for online casino gaming.

OkBet: An Accessible and Secured Platform

Providing easy access to Filipino gamblers nationwide is no easy feat. However, we have found a way: by partnering with the country’s commonly used payment methods and creating a gaming venue.

Gcash and FortunePay, two of the most popular e-wallets in the Philippines, are supported in the OKBet web and mobile versions. At the same time, we also have over-the-counter and online transactions from trusted local banks like BPI, BDO, and more.

We understand that Filipinos are among the heavy users of cell phones. For ease of access, we have developed the OKBet app, a free-to-download application at Google Play Store and Apple Store. Our app is created so our beloved players do not have to open their computers just to access our world-class gambling services.

Having the best payment and withdrawal methods and a dedicated mobile application is not enough if there is no firewall for security. Thus, we focus our remaining resources on providing a secure gambling experience by constantly upgrading our security patches. We also use the best secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and a state-of-the-art Random Number Generator system for safe and fair play.


OKBet App is Live, Download Now!

The OKBet mobile application is created with the same feature as its web version. It is user-friendly and designed to cater to newbies and loyal OKBet players.

Through our app, bettors can access our services anywhere, anytime.

At OKBet, we are serious about providing the best legal means to gamble in the Philippines, making our registration process rigid compared to others. To further assist you with the steps, we have customer service representatives on standby 24/7.

Win at OKBet Careers!

OKBet strives to provide a fair gambling platform and create job opportunities amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have launched OKBet Careers to generate a source of livelihood for displaced Filipinos and help raise the Philippine economy.


Are you a legitimate online betting platform?

Yes. PAGCOR has accredited us since 2021 to offer online sports betting and casino services to Filipinos.

Said government agency is stringent in giving out licenses to casino operators. Thus, many platforms have imitated OKBet in hopes of deceiving players into thinking that they play at a legal OKBet platform.

The site is among the few legitimate platforms that carry the OKBet brand.

Are there any physical OKBet betting stations?

Yes, we do have betting stations. Two have officially been launched at Dexin Tower and Newport World Resorts in Pasay City. 

Expansion of physical betting stations is underway to open branches nationwide.

Are there any requirements for playing at OKBet?

According to the Presidential Decree 1869, bettors should not be:

  • Under 21 years old
  • Armed Forces and National Police members
  • Public officials

To verify interested players, OKBet requires all to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to ascertain that the new user is allowed to gamble at any casino.

Those who passed the KYC will also present their government-issued IDs to verify their submitted information. A P1000 initial deposit is also required for new players. The money will serve as a security deposit and will be kept in the account for one month.

Are there any age restrictions at OKBet?

There is an age restriction when playing on our platform. Interested users should be at least 21, while the maximum age is not required. However, note that senior applicants wishing to play at OKBet must pass the KYC interview to determine if they can play.

What is the Know Your Customer (KYC) process?

The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure endorsed by PAGCOR aims to prevent money laundering via financial institutions such as banks, and also applies to businesses with substantial cash flows, such as online casinos.

At OKBet, the KYC process is efficient and simple. After submitting the necessary photo ID, the applicant will undergo an online interview with our KYC experts to verify the information provided.

Once the interview is finished and the customer’s details are verified, their OKBet account will be authenticated and ready for them to enjoy our full range of online betting options.