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OKBet Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas

37 Perfect 2023 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamblers

Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for your gambler friend, partner, or relative? There are 37 days left before Christmas, so fret not, for we’ve got you covered! For the coming gift-giving season, prepare to shower a gambling aficionado with any of these 37 presents!

The Perfect Gifts for Gamblers 2023

Now, we would not waste your time, so let us begin with:

1. Christmas Character Suit

It would be nice to see Santa or some of his elves engage in a game of poker. Seeing Rudolph, Mrs Santa, or even a snowman is refreshing at the table!

2. Christmas/Gambling-themed Clothes

Giving them a shirt or sweater with Christmas or gambling ornaments is a great idea. Look for a red shirt filled with card faces or a hoodie with a design depicting Santa and his elves playing cards.

3. Socks

Of course, it would not be complete for the apparel section to not include socks on this list. Socks are a staple during Christmas. (and a perfect gift too!)

4. Accessories

An outfit would not be complete without accessories. This is why the best presents for gambling lovers this Christmas are watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and hairpins that are decorated with any gambling-related stuff.

5. Cookies

If you feel artistic enough, why not bake a casino made from cookies? You could also make cookies like casino chips and slot symbols they can eat while gambling or betting on their favorite online casino.

6. Pizza

Baking pizzas is also one way to surprise a gambling lover. Decorate it to look like a roulette wheel, or it could be one big casino chip. 

7. Shot Glass Roulette Tray

There is no use in having plenty of food if you do not have anything to dial it down, right? A shot glass roulette set will be perfect for non-stop drinks while gaming.

8. Gambling Allowance

Treat your gambling friends with money that they could use to play in online casinos like OKBet. That money could be their golden ticket to win big.

9. Free Poker Room Access

Granting gamblers free access to poker rooms is ‘heaven’ for them. They can easily take advantage of the holiday promotions from the operators without shelling out personal money.

10. Mugs

Cups are common gift items. However, you can make it unique by incorporating casino words and designs, like “I’d rather be at the casino” or “Hit me!”

11. Talking Tables Multicolor Casino Night

This is a gambling set complete with a game mat, poker chips, playing cards, play money, and other things that would make the night even more fun and engaging.

12. Lucky Sevens Slot Machine Replica

This is perfect for those who are a fan of slot machines. This replica of the Lucky Seven slot is a realistic simulator of the original game. Using this game, your gambler friend can test their chances of landing the jackpot!

13. Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

Perfect for those wanting to open a cold bottle of beer while gambling. This bottle opener is shaped like the Ace of Spades, hence the name.

14. Casino Poker Dice 3D Lamp

Beautify a friend’s bedroom with this 3D lamp, letting him/her sleep while rolling the lucky dice roll and hitting that jackpot in their dreams.

15. Coin Bank

In gambling, of course, it is important to be responsible. Hence, gamblers need a storage! Introducing the coin bank, a casino-themed storage made from ceramic. It also sounds similar to slot machines, making saving a risk-free investment.

16. Amulets or Charms

Gamblers are incredibly superstitious, so why not give them a charm for luck? Look for an amulet that contains gambling elements like dice sets, cards, slot machines, and gambling quotes that would attract Lady Luck to their side.

17. Casino Phone Case

Imagine this: the phone, your trusty daily companion, has the potential for an upgrade that can bring your passion to mind. Take, for instance, a phone case adorned with casino designs—it’s like a memory booster for your device.

18. Poker Set

Of course, a perfect idea for a gambler’s present is to give them a game set, like a custom poker set. Whether you decide to feature your photo on the card backs or leave a heartfelt note on the poker chips, it’s a fantastic way to show your loved one that you’re thinking of them throughout the year.

19. Casino Strategy Books

To be successful in gambling, a gambler needs some guidance, so why not give them strategy books that can help them increase their chances of winning? Give them something like Ben Mezrich’s “Bringing Down the House” or Annie Duke’s “Thinking in Bets.”

20. Casino Table 

Who can resist a casino table, right? Game lovers will love to receive one of these, which can be in many forms depending on the gamer’s preference. It can be designed to fit as a poker table or blackjack with foldable legs.

21. Casinopoly Board Game

Does your gambler friend or family love Monopoly? Then give them Casinopoly! It is a spinoff of the popular Monopoly but with a gambling theme. Its rules have been designed especially for high rollers to have a successful gaming experience.

22. Automatic Card Shuffler

Do not let your friend get tired of shuffling cards. Get them an automatic card shuffler to lessen the burden of shuffling cards so they can focus on the game!

23. Gambling Gift Basket

Picture this as the ultimate care package for a fantastic casino gaming night or sprucing up a gambler’s hangout. It’s a tempting gift that treats the gambler’s surroundings to a variety of delights.

24. Playing Cards

Collecting different playing cards is one of the hobbies of a gambler. Add more to their collection by choosing a unique playing card to give them.

25. Webinar

Introduce your friend who loves a good bet to the world of casino management and gaming industry insights with an exclusive webinar. This gift will surely pique the interest of any gambling enthusiast.

Make them Feel Extra Special with These Gifts!

If you have someone special who has invested a great deal of time and money in gambling, treat them with the following gifts:

26. Consultation from Famous Gamblers

Many popular gamblers share their experience and learnings via private sessions. Treat your special someone or friend with a one-on-one talk with a renowned gambler to boost his confidence and learn valuable techniques.

27. Exclusive VIP Cards

Treat them with Exclusive VIP cards with special packages and gaming privileges to elevate their gambling experience even further.

OKBet Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas

For You

You also deserve to treat yourself, so why not do the following;

28. Trip to Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a must-visit destination if you’re a fan of casinos and vibrant nightlife.

29. Las Vegas Escapade

Recognized as the global gambling hub, Las Vegas promises an unforgettable gaming experience. A trip to this iconic city means indulging in the luxury and sophistication of hotel casinos.

30. Cruise Escape

For those who enjoy luxury-themed online slots, a cruise vacation is tailor-made. It allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming world while enjoying the real-life experience aboard a luxurious cruise.

Christmas Gifts from Casinos

Of course, online casinos also have presents waiting for players who want to play during Christmas. Here are the promotions you should watch out for by registering now:

31. Welcome Bonus

If you’re a newbie at the casino, get ready for some awesome perks! When you sign up, you’ll score a cool welcome bonus with free spins, credits, cashback, and more. It’s like a warm casino hug for new players, and many gaming enthusiasts swear by it when picking their favorite spots.

32. No Deposit

Feeling lucky? How about a no-deposit bonus? Yep, you can enjoy some thrilling games and even win real money without dropping a dime into your betting account. Lots of casinos dish out this bonus regularly to keep the excitement going.

33. First Deposit Bonus

Now, when you make your first deposit, it’s not just a transaction—it’s a commitment to the gambling adventure! And guess what? You’ll snag free spins as a special gift. Spin those online slot machines without spending a penny!

34. Free Bet

Ever heard of a wager-free bonus? It’s like free spins but better. You can keep and withdraw your winnings without any extra gambling. It’s a sweet welcome gift for new players, and it’s all based on a simple wagering requirement.

35. Free Spins

Score free spins by hitting special winning combos. The more you land, the bigger your potential pay.

36. Free Star

If you’re into multiplayer games, achieving impressive feats can earn you star bonuses. Collect them and roll out the red carpet for some weekly bonus goodness.

37. Welcome Package

If you want the ultimate welcome experience, check out the welcome package—it’s like unlocking a treasure chest of gaming delights! Ready to dive into the casino fun?

In conclusion, these things would amaze your gambler’s friend or family. These are the things that a gamer would say, “What a Merry Christmas indeed!”