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OKBet Abandoned Casinos and Resorts Philippines

Abandoned Casino and Resort in the Philippines That May Be Haunted

In the heart of the Philippines, where vibrant cities meet serene landscapes, lie the remnants of once-glamorous casinos and resorts—now abandoned, silent witnesses to a bygone era of luxury. Beyond the crumbling façades and deserted halls, whispers of a spectral past emerge, igniting paranormal tales.

It is already a given fact that unoccupied places, those that sit for years without any human contact, will almost always have some creepy tales linked to their names. If you want to travel to the places we are about to tell you, then here is the list of abandoned leisure parks that could now be filled with mystery and ghostly encounters.

Zamboanga Plaza Hotel and Casino

The Zamboanga Plaza Hotel and Casino was known for its luxury, being the first-ever five-star hotel and the largest hotel in Zamboanga City. It was opened in 1979, during the Marcos Era. 

No commoner can access the service of this place. In fact, only celebrities and high political figures from all over the world can enter its doors. Heck, even the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. spent his holidays and attended events and meetings in this fine place.

So what happened? Why did it close down in 1986?

Although the reason up to this point still remained unknown, there were rumors about its demise. Some claim that it was because of poor management (given it was during Marcos’ regime and corruption was extremely rampant), while others believe that someone got murdered in one of its rooms.

Anyways, the hotel only had seven years of prominence. Now, its facilities, like the huge swimming pool with a pool bar, function hall, and casino, have been abandoned.

The once-grand hotel is now sitting alone, unoccupied, and void from any human interaction for 34 years. Instead of people, the halls of this place have been filled with stories about demons, ghosts, and cryptids. Visit if you dare.

OKBet Abandoned Casinos at Resorts PH

Parts of Puerto Azul Golf and Country Club

Puerto Azul was a prominent golf club in the Philippines back in the 70s and early 80s. Situated in Ternate, it was a hub for people and tourists who wanted to enjoy its tropical amenities. It was such a famous place in the country that it even got the moniker “The Golf Capital of the World” and “Asia’s Paradise Resort.”

Sadly, when the 20th century began, and new and modern golf clubs were established, Puerto Azul lost its dominance and slowly faded into oblivion. Although still operational to this date, most of its parts have now been abandoned and swallowed by Mother Nature.

Many of its equipment and furniture were left to rot. Over time, couches, chairs, cabinets, etc., have now merged with nature.

Many tried exploring the eerie abandoned parts of Puerto Azul, and upon visiting the places, they all had the same experience – as if someone was watching them, waiting to pounce on them.

Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino

The Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino has been added to this list not because it was abandoned and became home for the paranormal. Instead, it was because of its numerous violations.


|In a message to the NTC, a group called “Digital Pinoys” said that unregistered gambling sites put players at risk of phishing and unauthorized e-wallet transactions.

2016, the casino resort became controversial because authorities found 1,300 illegal Chinese workers inside the park. Moreover, the former Chairman of Macau junket operator Jimei International Entertainment tried to bribe the Bureau of Immigration officers to release the detained workers.

Although the case was dismissed, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) revoked Jimei’s gaming license, and the casino eventually closed down. It did return four years later, but in 2020, it was shut down for the second time.

Even though this last establishment was not a creepy story, it should serve as a reminder that illegal casinos in the Philippines will be hunted down. Rather than risk gambling at unlicensed and shady casinos, choose reputable betting platforms, such as OKBet. Enjoy their promotions without any risk, not to mention their sizeable welcome bonuses. Join them now!

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