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OKBet OKGames Lucky Cashback

Now that the mobile app OKGames by OKBet is live, it comes with a promotion that will further entice you to use it—the OKGames Luck Cashback!

What are Cashbacks?

Cashbacks are like small bonuses when you spend. For example, when you purchase an item—or, in this case—when you place a bet, you receive a small amount of money.

Simply put, it’s like a little reward or gratitude for loyal customers or players.

Why is it Important to Avail Cashbacks?

If you look closely, cashbacks are like cherries on top of your expenses, especially in gambling. This is important for three reasons:

Financial Perk

You can recover a small percentage of your bet or spending with every top-up and play. This is great because, in some way, you get back what you’ve spent.

Cost Savings

Since a small percentage of your money is returned, you save with cashback. Instead of placing your entire bet, it is reduced by a percentage, acting like a built-in discount.

Responsible Spending

Cashbacks can also be a way for a person to be responsible for their spending. Knowing that there’s money to be gained in winning, a player becomes more cautious in placing or choosing their bets.

OKBet OKGames Lucky Cashback

What is OKGames Lucky Cashback for?

Understanding cashback is crucial, especially in the context of OKGames. With this promotion, you have a sort of safety net for your bets.

Risk Reduction

Gambling comes with inherent risks, and there are times when luck is not on your side. With OKGames Lucky Cashback, you have a cushion that mitigates your expenses. Look at it closely; it’s like a second chance to test your luck.

Extended Playtime

Getting back a portion of your bet means you can play longer without spending a lot. It also adds to the entertainment value.


Cashback is a way to regain control over your gambling when on a tight budget but having a not-so-great day. Knowing the percentage that will be returned makes you even more responsible.

Attraction to Keep Playing

Casinos like OKBet offer cashback like OKGames Lucky Cashback to encourage gamblers to keep playing.

How to Use OKGames Lucky Cashback?

To use OKGames Lucky Cashback, simply check the table below:

Weekly Losing Amount Lose Rebate Max Bonus Bonus Turnover
P500-P3,000 5% P150 1x
P3,001 – P10,000 6% P600
P10,001 – P50,000 7% P3,500
P50,001 and above 8% P50,000

For example:

Player A incurred a loss of P30,000 within a week. They can apply for the weekly lose rebate the next day or before the week ends.

In addition to the table, remember:

  • Players must be active and KYC-verified.
  • The promotion will be active starting October 26, 2023, and will end on December 31, 2023.
  • Lucky Cashback can be used only once a week.
  • Apply the cashback before 12:00 p.m. on Monday to receive the bonus by 11:59 a.m. the next Monday.
  • Contact OKBet’s Customer Service Representative or visit to claim the cashback.
  • This promotion does not include Draw Results, Betting on both sides or voided or canceled games.
  • OKBet Terms and Conditions apply.

What are you waiting for? Use the Lucky Cashback now!

If you don’t have an account with OKBet yet, this is your sign to create one and download OKGames from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and play OKGames! You may also visit the OKBet platform to play the games and get the rebates!