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OKBet Las Vegas Hauntings

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to talk about the place you least expect to be associated with hauntings—Las Vegas. Beyond its dazzling light, the echoes of slot machines, and the rattling of casino chips, there are actually creepy tales in Sin City. 

How did these mysterious encounters come to this place? Maybe because of its dramatic history or a figment of one person’s imagination. But one thing is certain: no corner or place in the world isn’t haunted.

Time to find out in this OKBet SpoOKy special: Las Vegas.

The Ghost of Bugsy

According to history, Las Vegas was erected thanks to the help of organized crime, like the mafia. Without its help, the place would still be just a dusty town in the middle of the Nevada desert. 

OKBet Las Vegas Hauntings

But because the mafia is known for its violence and crime, it is a no-brainer that one famous mobster still lingers in the halls of one of the city’s hotels and casinos, even if he is long gone.

Enter Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, a charismatic mobster. But do not be fooled by his charm because he is one of the most dangerous mobsters during his time on earth. 

It is believed that Siegel fell in love with gambling and traveled to Las Vegas to become a financier of some of the city’s first casinos. He also took over the Flamingo Hotel, a struggling establishment, and reopened it in 1946.

Due to being tied to a criminal organization, let alone funding the development of the casinos and the hotel, Bugsy’s life was always in danger. His time finally came six months later.

After he reopened the Flamingo Hotel, he was shot to death through a window while spending a day in his girlfriend’s house in Beverly Hills. The assailant was never identified.

Did his death stop him from visiting the Flamingo? Well, according to visitors and guests of the hotel, they sometimes see a man with a fashion sense that is so 1940s. There was also an instance when Siegel “joined” a group of tourists touring through the city just to correct a guide.

Liberace Lingers

Liberace was a famous pianist. Anyone who watched him perform will never forget how talented he was with the keyboard, not to mention how dazzling his appearance was. The pianist loved to dazzle the crowd with his bejeweled capes, shiny rings, and candelabra.

However, he is not one without a secret. Liberace was forbidden to reveal his sexuality. And when he passed, he never forgot that he was an entertainer.

As per the reports from the Las Vegas Sun, his mansion in Shirley, Las Vegas, eerily entertained those who wander at night. According to the newspaper, some people claimed that his spirit still occupied his house.

Moreso, he still likes to check on his previously-owned restaurant, Tivoli Gardens. Guests and employees have encountered his ghost, with one staff saw Liberace’s sequined cape, while others witnessed silverware moving on their own.

The Titanic Comes to Visit

We all know that the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean. So, how did it end up in Las Vegas?

Pieces of the Titanic were displayed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Apart from the ship’s parts, the exhibit, named “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit,” also had objects taken from the wreckage. 

But it is not just the remains of the once-grand ship that was brought to the hotel—passengers included.

Visitors saw Edwardian-era ghosts wandering the space of the exhibit. Also, those who tried looking at it felt unease. There was also an instance where some would see a woman dressed in black who would always disappear.

Spirits at the ‘Cursed’ Luxor Hotel

Apart from the ghostly apparition and the unexplained in the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, numerous reports of hauntings unrelated to the sunken ship also exist.

The hotel was built in 1993, and although its goal was to have a family-friendly vibe, the establishment had a haunting past, for it may have been cursed.

A replica of ancient Egypt, the Luxor Hotel and Casino may also bring the curse and bad luck of those who disturb the tomb of Tutankhamun.

While trying to finish the establishment, locals claimed seven workers died amid the construction due to the intricate technique of building something at a 39-degree angle. There was also a woman who jumped on the hotel’s 26th floor in 1996, and her name was Jane Doe. A man similarly met his end, jumping on the 10th story. Both deaths were listed as “unknown.”

These are just some creepy stories you can find in Las Vegas. More is to come, and it will be shared again here in OKBet. While you’re at it waiting for the next spooky story, why not try playing for a while? Just register here!

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