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OKBet Live Dealer 8% Lucky Cashback

Time to cash in with OKBet’s latest promotion by playing the live dealer lucky cashback! Enjoy this deal to keep playing at one of the leading online gaming platforms in the Philippines!

Importance of Live Dealer Promotions

Cashbacks, like OKBet’s 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback, act as a ‘safety harness’ for players. Gambling relies on luck, and inevitable bad days happen. However, with promotions like these, the following benefits arise:

Risk Reduction

Cashbacks serve as a buffer, softening the impact of losses. The 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback allows you to recover a percentage of your bet, reducing the risk associated with gambling.

Extended Playtime

Thanks to rebates, players can extend their gaming sessions. Even on unlucky days, cashback ensures that an unfortunate player has a chance to recover.


It’s not just about enticing players to gamble; it’s a way to express gratitude to the platform’s avid supporters. The 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback, like OKBet’s, demonstrates appreciation for players through cashback promotions.

Grab the 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback!

OKBet Live Dealer 8% Lucky Cashback

For those eager to avail of this promotion, which started on October 25 and ends on December 31, here’s what you need to do:

  • Meet the required losing amount within a week to claim the rebate the next day. The promotion can only be claimed during the week following the player’s loss.
  • Players must be active and verified by OKBet’s KYC team.
  • Loss calculations are done every Monday from noon to the following Monday at 11:59 a.m..
  • The 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback can be claimed once a week. Check the table below for the targeted amount to be eligible:


Weekly Losing Amount Lose Rebate Max Bonus Bonus Turnover
P500 – P3,000 5% P150 1x
P3,001 – P10,000 6% P600
P10,001 – P50,000 7% P3,500
P50,001 and above 8% P50,000
  • Remember, the minimum amount to qualify for cashback is P500, and a player’s maximum rebate is P50,000.
  • Once the required amount is reached, use the Lose Rebate Bonus before Monday, 11:59 AM. Contact OKBet’s Customer Service to receive the rebate the next day (Monday) at exactly midnight.
  • To withdraw, players must also fulfill a 1x turnover requirement.
  • Players who lose while playing EVOLUTION LIVE DEALER GAMES also receive a special bonus. With the 8% Live Dealer Lucky Cashback, draw results, betting on both sides and voided or canceled games are not included in the turnover calculation.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s play live dealer games to claim your cashback of up to P50,000! Just remember that the OKBet Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion. Please read them first to understand the platform’s procedures clearly.

If you still need an account, you can register here. Also, don’t forget to download the new OKBet mobile app, OKGames!