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dangers by illegal websites online

Dangers Caused by Illegal Websites Online

In today’s society, gambling has become a popular form of entertainment for many individuals. While there are legal avenues for gambling, such as casinos and online platforms, illegal gambling continues to thrive in various parts of the world. 

Concerned about possible cyber attacks, a group of digital supporters asked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Thursday to block online gambling sites that haven’t registered with the government.

In a message to the NTC, a group called “Digital Pinoys” said that unregistered gambling sites put players at risk of phishing and unauthorized e-wallet transactions.

Ronald Gustilo, a national campaigner for Digital Pinoys, also said that there are a lot of illegal gaming sites on the internet that are advertising heavily even though they don’t have permits.

“The NTC should shut down illegal gaming sites as soon as possible because they put Filipinos in danger. “Many of these sites have been fiercely advertising by using social media and “influencers,” Gustilo said.

The internet advocacy group also said that if the government doesn’t stop illegal gambling sites, they pose a lot of risks.

Types of Illegal Gambling Activities

panganib ng ilegal websites online

Sports Betting: Placing bets on sporting events through unauthorized bookmakers.

Cockfighting and Dogfighting: Organizing or participating in animal fights for gambling purposes.

Poker Rooms: Unregulated establishments offering poker games with real money involved.

Online Gambling: Operating or participating in internet-based gambling platforms without legal authorization.

Numbers Games: Unregulated lotteries or raffles with cash prizes.

Bookmaking: Accepting and facilitating bets on various events, usually without proper licensing.

Street Craps: Unlicensed dice games conducted on the streets or in private locations.

The Dangers of Illegal Gambling

One of the significant risks associated with illegal gambling is the absence of regulatory oversight. Legal gambling industries are subject to strict regulations, ensuring fair play, responsible gambling practices, and player protection. In contrast, illegal gambling operates outside these regulations, leaving participants vulnerable to fraud, manipulation, and unfair practices.

Financial Risks and Fraudulent Practices

As per the findings of the National Privacy Commission, the most prevalent cause of account compromise in e-wallet platforms is the patronage of illegal online gambling sites. Because they are illegal, the government does not have any regulation over the platform, which makes it dangerous,” Gustilo said.

Illegal gambling exposes individuals to significant financial risks. Participants often find themselves entangled in schemes where their money is not secure, and winnings may not be paid out. 

They can use all data captured upon access to their site to whatever use they may want to. They can access your credentials, sell your information, and as what happened before, steal your money. Hence the urgency of blocking these sites before any other incident happens,” he said.

Fraudulent practices, such as rigged games or manipulated odds, are prevalent in illegal gambling operations, making it nearly impossible for participants to win fairly.

Impact on Society and Human Minds

People and their families can suffer from serious social and mental problems if they gamble illegally. It often leads to addiction, troubled relationships, and financial loss. Because illegal gaming is secretive, it can make people feel alone and make it hard for them to get help or support.

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