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National University (NU), drawing fire from the homegrown talent of their high school team. Won 25-22, 25-15, 22-25, and 25-22, ahead of Ateneo, leaving the defending champions to a third loss. Two in a row in the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament at the Mall. by Asia Arena.

As brilliant as Faith Nisperos was on Saturday’s ring, her side can’t match the show that launched her career not long ago.

Princess Robles and Michaela Belen have 18 points each. In contrast, Alyssa Solomon and Ivy Lacsina have 15 and 12, respectively. As the Lady Bulldogs have their second straight win, making them the team to beat this season.

Except for NU coach Karl Dimaculangan, he doesn’t feel the same way.

“It’s still not a declared victory because it’s still early in the first round. And We still have a lot of room for improvement,” Dimaculangan said. “Then we have to go back to the drawing board. Study what needs to be cleaned up, and prepare for the next game.”

“We also made a lot of mistakes,” he added. Ateneo has 38 points after NU’s error in the game.

Nisperos delivered an all-around performance for the Blue Eagles. Taking the lead with 16 points while taking on defensive duties with 19 superb tackles and ten deep dives.

But against the significant foundations of the high school curriculum she once belonged, Nisperos’ heroism was futile.

Instead, Robles, Belen, Solomon, and Lacsina took turns killing people on the opposite floor as NU took the tournament’s top spot.

With the Lady Bulldogs leading the way is La Salle, who edged past Adamson, 2521, 2520, 2514, for a second straight win.

Lacsina got an idea of ​​what NU needed to do as they progressed through the league, centered around the Lady Bulldogs’ performance in the third frame.

“I was a little relaxed in the third set, but I may have lost some of my aggression,” she said. “I have time to prepare, so I need to work on it.”

“We did our best, but there are some things we need to improve,” Robles added.

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Still, this victory (NU defeated Ateneo for the first time in four years) was a blessing.

“This is probably the game we were looking forward to, and we’re delighted because it’s been a while since NU defeated Ateneo,” Lacsina said.

Jolina Dela Cruz led La Salle with 12 points in the other game and had an excellent 11 digs as Lady Spikers took the Lady Falcons to a second straight loss. Alleiah Malaluan has 12 points, while central defender duo Thea Gagate and Fifi Sharma have 9 and 8 points, respectively.

La Salle also exploited his strong defense, scoring 9 points in tackles.