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Man City manager Pep Guardiola said: ‘We want [to win the Champions League], maybe I’m not good enough to help the team do that.’; Watch Newcastle v Manchester City on Super Sunday from 4 pm, live on Sky Sports Premier League; it starts at 4:30 pm

After being knocked out by Real Madrid on Wednesday, Pep Guardiola has said he may not be good enough to win the Champions League with Manchester City.

Real Madrid made a spectacular late comeback at the Bernabeu to send Guardiola’s side out of the Champions League and deny them a second consecutive final.

It leaves City nevertheless attempting to find a primary Champions League trophy, even as Guardiola closing tasted achievement in Europe`s elite opposition with Barcelona in 2011.

But Guardiola insists owner Sheikh Mansour is not investing in Man City just because of success in Europe.

Asked if players in this group could win the Champions League, Guardiola said:

Owners didn’t buy this club to win the Champions League and invest in these excellent facilities; they invested in every tournament each season.

“It may not be enough to help the team (who wants to win the Champions League). No one knows what will happen to another manager or another player.”

“People say that if a player in this group or Pep Guardiola doesn’t win the title, they say they’re a failure. I’m afraid I have to disagree. We all know how difficult it is.”

When asked if he was hungry to win the trophy, he added: “No, I’m always hungry. Just thinking about how lucky I am can’t spend a year. Hmm. If we win the Champions League, it’s not how hard we worked; it’s the money we’re spending.

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“Players don’t know that now, but it’s a gift to us. We want to win the Champions League and make it to the finals, but we have to be better than what happened in Madrid.”