Date: April 19, 2024 / Author: OKBET

Fair and Technical Filbet Casino Philippines Review by OKBet

In this Filbet online casino and sports betting in the Philippines review, we will analyze one of the competitive local online gaming platforms. Furthermore, this article will look into an analysis of its extensive game selection and how it has contributed to its popularity. Now, the question is: Does it surpass other platforms?

This review will also pick apart the features, sports betting odds, live casino, and Filbet’s overall platform advantages. You will know why Filbet became a big player in the online gambling community of the Philippines. 

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Features and Homepage of Filbet Online Casino: Clear and Concise

While flashy, Filbet Casino’s home page design is clear and concise. It is easy on the eye and clearly indicates the platform’s offerings. Filbet has an advantage over other online gambling websites because it provides all its offerings without requiring too much navigation.

How Good is Filbet Casino Game Service?

The heart and soul of every online casino is its casino games. Filbet Casino Game stands in the middle because, despite having different variants of each game, some negative aspects significantly affect the effectiveness of their platform. Let’s find out why.

Filbet Slot Games: Needs More Providers

This is one area that Filbet will need to improve, considering that their slot game offerings are fewer than those of their competitors. Our review found that while they offer popular slot games, they can enhance their variety by partnering with more game providers.

They currently have seven different game providers, which is not comparable to OKBet’s 15.

Filbet Table Games: Two Different Service Providers, Same Popular Games Offered (Mediocre)

There is a reason why we described Filbet’s table games as mediocre. It is true that having a table game dramatically increases the worth of an online casino site. However, when it comes to table games, an online gambling site should be able to produce mass variants of each because they are one of the most in-demand games in the gambling industry. Even in land-based casinos, table games are still the top attraction that bettors line up for.

Filbet Bingo: The Standout Feature Of The Platform

One feature in which Filbet stands out from its competitors is the variety of bingo games it offers. As we know, bingo games are extremely popular in the Philippines, and adding it to the offerings gives more depth to the platform. 

Moreover, even though Filbet only has two providers, not all online casino platforms offer this kind of game. Most online gambling sites in the Philippines only have table games and slots because these are the most famous when it comes to betting online.

Filbet Fishing Games: Platform’s Unique Attraction

Fishing is a popular online game where players use a virtual gun to catch various fish. Again, Filbet tries to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering a game that is simple to play and provides good returns in terms of player retention.

The games are easy to play, making them popular across all age divisions. (The legal age requirement is still applied due to it being a gambling game.)

Filbet Live Casino: Basic features and offerings which do not stand out

Filbet Live Casino offers the usual live online casino games, meaning it does not stand out from the other platforms. Its features can be found across various online gambling platforms.

However, it still impacts becoming a top-notch and competitive online casino platform because live casinos are one of the rising services in the online gambling scene. Players are starting to become attached to live casinos because they can feel like playing in an actual casino without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Filbet Sports Betting: Mediocre

Filbet Sports Betting offers introductory sports betting like its competitors, and nothing stands out.

Another downside of their sportsbook is that they don’t display the games, tournaments, matches, and odds. They only show their sportsbook providers, and you need to log in or sign up before you can see the details and information of their sportsbook.

So why is it essential for a sportsbook to show the odds, information, and details of a specific match or tournament? One significant reason for this is that potential bettors need to see these things before they sign up or place a bet. It is because they base their decisions solely on certain information like how the odds change, who is the favorite and the underdog, whether the matches are worth betting for or not, etc.

Filbet Promotions: Good Deals to Attract Players

The Filbet platform has several promotions aimed at attracting new players. From the Welcome Bonus to the Weekly Basketball Rescue Bonus, the offerings are primarily used to ensure player retention. Here are a few examples:

  • 50 Pesos Register Bonus
  • 30% Second Deposit Bonus
  • 18% Weekend Bonus
  • 15% Daily Bonus
  • Filbet Sports Tournament ranking Bonus
  • Filbet Sports 0.10% Rebate
  • Daily Check-in Bonus
  • Birthday Bonus up to P1000

They have substantial bonuses similar to OKBet, which makes these two online casino platforms among the best in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What sets Filbet’s homepage apart from other online casinos?

Filbet’s homepage is clear and concise, providing easy access to its offerings without the need for excessive navigation.

2. How does Filbet fare in terms of slot game variety compared to competitors like OKBet?

Filbet needs improvement in slot game variety; it currently has seven providers, whereas OKBet offers 15.

3. What is the standout feature of Filbet’s game selection?

Filbet excels in offering a variety of bingo games, a popular choice in the Philippines.

4. Does Filbet offer unique attractions in its game selection?

Yes, Filbet distinguishes itself by including fishing games that are simple to play and appealing to a broad audience.

5. How does Filbet’s live casino compare to other platforms?

Filbet’s live casino is considered basic, lacking standout features compared to its competitors.

6. How is the Filbet’s sports betting section?

Filbet’s sports betting is labeled as mediocre, offering introductory features without any standout elements.

7. What is a notable downside of its sportsbook?

The sportsbook lacks transparency, as it doesn’t display game details, tournaments, matches, and odds without logging in or signing up.

8. How does Filbet attract and retain players?

Filbet offers various promotions, including a Welcome Bonus, Second Deposit Bonus, and daily bonuses, ensuring player retention.

9. How does Filbet’s promotional offering compare to competitor OKBet?

Filbet and OKBet both offer substantial bonuses, positioning them among the best online casino platforms in the Philippines.

10. What is the overall assessment of Filbet in the review?

The review provides a balanced view, acknowledging Filbet’s strengths in certain areas like bingo and promotions while pointing out weaknesses in game variety, live casino features, and sports betting information transparency.


In conclusion, the Filbet online casino and sports betting platform in the Philippines, as reviewed by OKBet, presents a mixed picture of strengths and weaknesses. While Filbet excels in providing a clear and concise homepage, along with standout features like a diverse selection of bingo games and unique fishing games, certain areas call for improvement.

Filbet’s slot game variety needs to be improved, as it is lagging behind competitors like OKBet regarding the number of providers. The table games, categorized as mediocre, need more mass variants expected in a competitive online casino. 

Furthermore, the live casino and sports betting sections are considered basic and mediocre, respectively, without significant distinguishing features. Notably, the sportsbook’s lack of transparency in displaying game details, tournaments, matches, and odds.

On a positive note, Filbet employs various promotions.

Filbet demonstrates strengths in certain gaming aspects, notably bingo and promotional offerings. Still, areas like slot game variety, live casino features, and sports betting information transparency require attention for it to compete more effectively in the competitive online gambling market of the Philippines.