Date: January 31, 2024 / Author: OKBET

Sportsplus Review

Here in the SportsPlus Online review by OKBet Reviews, we will be looking at SportsPlus, an online gambling platform. We will examine what makes it popular, especially when it comes to sportsbook offerings. We will also look at its features in sports betting and determine if it has become a standout in the Philippine online gambling industry.

SportsPlus Betting Homepage: Not compatible on a desktop/Extremely frustrating for a non-mobile user

The SportsPlus betting platform is primarily designed for mobile device users. Although it can be accessed via a web browser, the experience is often frustrating – a notable drawback because of its very low compatibility. 

We at OKBet understand that many players use online gambling platforms on their cell phones and desktops, which is why improvements are needed to enhance access to multiple devices.

Furthermore, its homepage lacks distinctive features that would compel visitors to sign up. Rather than highlighting what it can offer, it only showed its poster calling for players to “play.” This deficiency fails to attract players to use the platform, marking a significant shortcoming.

SportsPlus Sportsbook: Does not stand out from its competitors

For SportsPlus, its primary offering is its sportsbook. Keeping this in mind and comparing it with other online gambling platforms, it comes as a surprise that they lack offerings for their main service compared to their competitors.

While they provide odds on the usual sports, ranging from Football to Basketball, these offerings could be more attractive. However, what might work in their favor is that the sports odds they offer are much more competitive than those of their counterparts.

SportsPlus Online Casino: Does not offer online casino games

Online gambling platforms in the Philippines have understood that casino gaming, online gaming, and slot games are popular and lucrative activities in the country. However, SportsPlus has chosen to focus exclusively on sports betting.

While this is a commendable endeavor, not capitalizing on the popularity of casino games, especially in a country like the Philippines, is a missed opportunity.

SportsPlus App: Surprisingly, there is no app!

Sportsplus Review OKBet

A startling revelation is that whenever you visit SportsPlus, its screen ratio is that of the mobile. That being said, it must have a dedicated app, right? Wrong! It was truly disappointing that it did not include an app designed for mobile users. Rather, it forces players to visit its website on their mobile phones, taking their user-friendliness down the drain.

SportsPlus Customer Service: Poor due to lack of options

Unlike the popular online gambling platforms in the Philippines, SportsPlus provides customer support only through email and social media. The majority of their competitors offer support through chat, email, and 24/7 service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SportsPlus compatible with desktops?

No, SportsPlus is primarily designed for mobile device users, and while it can be accessed via a web browser on desktops, the experience is often frustrating due to low compatibility.

What is the main drawback of using SportsPlus on a desktop?

The main drawback is the platform’s very low compatibility with desktops, resulting in an inconvenient and frustrating user experience.

What features does the homepage of SportsPlus lack?

The homepage lacks distinctive features that would compel visitors to sign up, failing to effectively showcase the platform’s offerings.

What does the poster on the SportsPlus homepage emphasize?

The poster on the homepage merely calls for players to “play” without highlighting the platform’s capabilities, which is considered a significant deficiency.

What is the primary offering of SportsPlus?

SportsPlus focuses primarily on its sportsbook as its main offering.

How does SportsPlus’ sportsbook compare to competitors?

The sportsbook does not stand out compared to competitors, with less attractive offerings despite providing competitive sports odds.

Does SportsPlus offer online casino games?

No, SportsPlus exclusively focuses on sports betting and does not offer online casino games.

What is the surprising revelation about SportsPlus’ mobile experience?

Despite its mobile-centric screen ratio, SportsPlus surprisingly does not have a dedicated app for mobile users.

What is the impact of SportsPlus lacking a dedicated app?

A dedicated app is necessary for mobile users to visit the website. Without it, the platform’s user-friendliness diminishes.

How does SportsPlus provide customer support?

SportsPlus provides customer support only through email and social media, lacking options like live chat and 24/7 service.

What customer service options do popular competitors offer?

Many popular competitors offer customer support through chat, email, and 24/7 service, providing more diverse and accessible options.

Why is the lack of live chat considered a drawback for SportsPlus?

The absence of live chat limits real-time communication, hindering prompt issue resolution for users.

Why is the absence of 24/7 customer support a concern for SportsPlus users?

Without 24/7 support, users may experience delays in issue resolution, affecting overall customer satisfaction.

What opportunities does SportsPlus miss by not offering online casino games?

By not capitalizing on the popularity of casino games in the Philippines, SportsPlus misses an opportunity to attract a broader audience.

What improvement is suggested for SportsPlus based on the analysis?

Improvements in compatibility, user experience, homepage features, sportsbook offerings, mobile app availability, and customer service options are suggested to enhance the competitiveness of SportsPlus in the online gambling market.

Concluding this review, we found that SportsPlus, with its sportsbook betting offerings, can be considered one of the good online gambling platforms for sports enthusiasts, primarily due to the competitive odds they offer compared to their market competitors.

However, it has several glaring lapses in terms of services and design. Despite the popularity of casino and slot games in the Philippines, SportsPlus does not offer these options. 

Additionally, their poor customer support services, lack of a mobile app, and limited options for web users make it one of the least favorable online gambling platforms in the country.

SportsPlus needs to recognize that while offering sports is an advantage, the future of online gambling platforms in the country is leaning towards gaining a competitive edge in the online casino industry.

We were extremely disappointed by the poor planning and execution of SportsPlus, and surprisingly, it holds validity in the Philippines up until now.