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Newly crowned World Champion Shane Van Boning and Defending Champion. Alexander Kazakis has been removed from World Pool Master 2022 at the European Point Sports Complex. And Gibraltar lives in Sky Sports DAZN, Beer Play, and Matchroom. I’m out. I live in a country of my choice after losing to Lo Ho Sum and Dennis Orcollo.

After participating in the World Pool Billiards Championship. Quarterfinals last month and a whitewashed victory against Shane Van Boening last year. Kazakis entered the competition at a high price, but Orcollo recovered in the canter quarterfinals. The Greek was rooted in his chair.

It’s a clinic from Orcollo, who has now won 14 straight after falling 40 in an afternoon qualifying match against Eklent Kaçi. Kazakis’ chances were slim, and he missed a big fourth on the fourth rack after losing the cue ball at six; he couldn’t get any of the eight and get past the rest. Return of the price. At 4-0, Kazakis missed five balls as he managed to cut it into the top right corner, and then Orcollo had 5-0 and two goals for the win. Since then, Orcollo has reached the quarterfinals, where he will face winners Joshua Filler and Skyler Woodward.

After making his debut last year, Max Lechner is on his second World Pool Masters and is starting his campaign against Dimitri Jungo.

The latter defeated Mario He in Thursday night’s preliminary clash.

Lechner entered the tournament as the 5th seed in the 2022 Nineball World Rankings, and it was logical that he had a 6-0 lead before Jungo battled for two across the board in 6-2nd place, but too late for the Swiss. Lechner wrapped the last shelf.

Last month, Van Boening faced a complicated clash with Lo, who beat Denis Grabe in his opening match on Thursday. It seemed business as usual for Van Boening.

Who was leading 21 but broke fourth, the American came out, and Lo won 22. Lo was playing in Hong Kong, China, and shortly after, the former captain of. The world youth division had 42 strikers, and just looking up, Van Boening hesitated. Van Boening tried his best to get it at 43 but missed a complete effort by both to open the table for Lo. Who then led 53. Lo broke and ran into the ninth rack to get up the hill, but the life exam was not over yet. In the next rack after Lo missed number 5 down the rails, leaving only number 9 and number 9 on the table. Van Boening returned to hit 64 and 65 to make it a tense finale.

Fans got the best treatment

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Fans got the best treatment from Van Boening as he returned to the ages in Milton Keynes. At the World Pool Championship, he lived up to his reputation to finish first of the week. Van Boening was broken on the final frame. But with an early header before Lo came back up to take the historic win. Van Boening struggled to break and ran off the rack four times, where he failed.

The Last 16 continue from 1 pm Central European Time with defending two-time champion David Alcaide. The round of 16 continues from 1 pm Central European Time. Two-time defending champion David Alcaide facing Ko Pin Yi, who beat his brother Ping Chung earlier in the day. Winner Jayson Shaw takes on US Open runner-up. Aloysius Yapp before Abdullah Alyousef takes on Japan’s majestic and unpredictable Naoyuki Oi.